domingo, 26 de mayo de 2013

Spring time: this is how we do it!!!

Spring has finally arrived in Iowa. The grass is again green. The days are long and the sun is shining the most of the times (fingers crossed). We are extremely lucky to live in the middle of the nature. Our neighborhood is full of open green spaces where to enjoy some reading, tanning or picnic time with friends. This is just a little sample of how we have been spending the last two weekends of May.  Enjoy it!

3 comentarios:

  1. Eres genial Bea, no sabía que tenías otro blog diferente al de....Bea's art stuff :) te sigo desde ya!!! un besote grandísimo ;)

    Patri (la canaria) ;)

  2. PATRI!!! I miss you!!! Tienes blog? flickr? o alguna forma virtual de la que te pueda seguir y sentirte mas cerquita? un abrazo!!! *Bea

  3. tortillaaaaaa! Me recuerda a cuando la preparaba mi madre cuando nos íbamos a pasar el día en el campo :)